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Boosting Business with 1300 number

All businesses need to explore every aspect of their surroundings in order to grow. There are a lot of factors contributing towards making Australia an ideal business location. Advancements in technology like cloud phone systems and 1300 business numbers are changing the dynamics of business in Australia. 1300 telephone numbers serve as a single point of contact for your business. It lends a very professional appeal and makes your small business look more credible.

With the availability of 1300 numbers, it is possible for agents to answer calls, even on their mobile phones, from anywhere within Australia as calls are redirected to various answer points. This benefits the customers too as they can easily reach you even if they are calling 1300 numbers from overseas. If an overseas caller calls, then they will be charged based on their home network’s rates. It saves your brand from a bad customer experience.

Owning a 1300 phone number will give your small business a highly credible appearance in the Australian market. It allows your customers to reach you from anywhere in Australia at the expense of a local phone call. Also, your team will have the freedom to answer the calls independently of their geographical location. This will ensure uncompromising availability as your team will be there for the customers at all times.

No hassle - Absence of software & hardware complexity

There are no hardware or equipment requirements for getting a 1300 number. 1300 numbers are compatible with a range of services including phone answering services, message, and call forwarding services, and cloud-based telephony solutions. By integrating the cloud phone system into your communication strategy, the issue of customer service can be resolved. All you need is an internet connection, mobile handsets, and laptops. You do not need to be in one place or invest in a set-up to answer 1300 number calls. Using 1300 numbers for your business allows you to be on the go and gives you the flexibility to manage tasks at your own pace.

Brand visibility brings a wider reach

1300 numbers allow you to expand the geographical coverage of your business with minimal extra costs, enhancing your brand image and giving your customers the impression that you are more than a local business. Your team will have the freedom to answer the calls independently of their geographical location.

1300 numbers are ideal for any business wanting to have a national coverage in a cost-effective manner. Owning a 1300 phone number will give your brand a highly credible appearance in the Australian market. This will increase your chances to build a customer base that will stay loyal for all times to come. Since the number is easy to remember and share, it makes your customer reach you easily. The number will broaden the reach of your business while giving customers a single point of contact.

Devices on which business holder can answer 1300 number

Apart from giving your business a credible and professional image, having a 1300 number makes it easier for customers to contact you. It also gives you better control over calls by giving you the option of routing the call. The number also gives you flexibility over the management of incoming calls through answer points. By assigning an answer point, such as an office phone, a mobile phone, a landline, or an answering service, you determine where, when, and how calls are answered. You will also be in control to change the answer points, providing you with the flexibility to manage incoming calls differently based on multiple factors, including the time of day, the location of staff, and whether a number is busy.

1300 number saving your business overall cost?

Having a 1300 number is a cost-effective option and more convenient than you think. You can save money by using a range of low monthly plans and no fixed-term contracts. 1300 numbers allow your customers in Australia to call your business at minimal cost to them. This makes your business seem more professional and approachable. These 1300 numbers ensure dependability and overcome the delay aspect of the traditional phone system. Choosing the best 1300 number provider will ensure you are well-connected with your customers on calls, at all times. You can retain the same 1300 number for the life of your business, even if you move. Aussie Comm aims to provide you with all the assistance to set up all your business telecommunication needs whether it’s 1300 number availability, fibre internet, Hosted PBX or wireless internet service, Aussie comm has your back.