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IT Infrastructure Management

IT Infrastructure Management

Maximize your incentives out of Gen-next IT infrastructure. Make it a robust shelter of your business insights. Integrate it with the leading technologies and best-in-class execution.

Aussi Comm IT gives your operational efficiency a new hike via a cognitive landscape. Our services have been continuously gifting scalability to you. Many of you have already met with a clear transition from offbeat practices to always-on transformation. Here is a teaser of what we actually do to let you fit in the frame of your domain’s leader:

Data Centre Consulting:

We ensure revamping of the existing IT infrastructure services & infuse a cutting edge. All these have to gain flexibility and scalability. But, this makeover involves a volley of challenges, like future-proofing of the pan infrastructure. Self-servicing, customization, IT networks, robust & shielded data inventories, consumer data security and cloud-native applications define the irresistible requirements.

Our consulting-led approach helps you achieve the much-needed transformation. It takes a leap from observation & analysis to manufacturing invincible data architecture. Its key is also configured but only for the authoritative personnel. With the exceptional tool kit of cloud-based vision, we let your growth accelerate. What models we suggest give an infinite elevation to your customer experience. Simultaneously, we prepare the transformation plan mapping your financial capabilities. It should be highly adaptive to your end-user behaviour- we bear it in our minds.

Data consolidation services:

The data are a mine of disruptive ideas that wing the progress. You want it at anyhow condition. And, what more you require is its access at a click in a wink. Alongside, you would like to have zero tolerance for cybercrime. Maximizing data access seamlessly at minimal risk defines the bottom line of our data consolidation services.

The futuristic vision goes with the superfluous requirement of the private cloud network, such as PaaS, IaaS or SaaS. Sans considering it prior, it would determine a blind following. So, we assess what you want end-to-end. Later, moulding it to set in the consolidated frame seems a walkover. If you like data migration, we do it as well. The consumption-based module hints us what cost it would incur.

Data centre hosting:

Do you want to get rid of the hitches while migrating and warehousing your data in the cloud? However, the present hybrid cloud hosting lets you stack primary data with virtual data sets. Amid super smart hacking tricks, it’s a top-notch concern to hire the cloud assets that leverage the high throughput, low hidden connections and agile security. Our data hosting offers you a well-defined data management outsourcing that equalizes cost, risks, agility and functionality.

Software-defined infrastructure:

Our software-defined architecture resonates with the next-gen IT requirements. You witness a quick shift from the harsh Capex (capital expenditure) models of your business to flex OPEX (operational expenditure) models. Our offerings take you away with our self-service, reporting, transparent & granular invoicing, metering and chargeback for both the administration (users) as well as the organization.

What we provide as software-defined solutions consist of a software-defined computer, software-defined networks, software-defined facilities and software-defined storage. In all, it’s a lucrative offer to grab a 360-degree framework of software.

Network Services:

The managed network services echo the streamlined network of all services. We offer an extension to the LAN/WAN management for a uniform communication conduit to network consulting and its implementation services.

This is how we safeguard your organization from indefinite data loss. The risk of network failure would be negligible by offloading. You can save on a substantial amount to devote to building and maintaining your networks.


If you want proactive visibility into your system, Aussie Comm IT is your endpoint. We energize your dark assets via interconnectivity. Later on, when you want its remote access either from a mobile phone or your desktop/laptop, get it anywhere. The collected data serves the asset value that we extract for catching insight. You can utilize those fundamental shifts in further processes to compute customer satisfaction.

 IT Infrastructure Management