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IT Network Maintenance

Connections are worth million dollars. It’s a fact. You can’t stay cut off with your peer group. Neither does an organization can disintegrate with its workforce. For productivity enhancement, the organizations must strive to revamp their service excellence. For it, they require more innovative and empowering ways to acquire the leading place. And, the connection can do this miracle.

Like network, its maintenance is also vital. To convert your business into a cash cow, you need to have an agile and highly secure network. Any patch can spill the beans over your dreams. You need the one reliable techie geek that can take care of your organization’s network maintenance.


  • Monthly maintenance
  • Evaluation of the network, methods, processes and tools
  • Check and revamp the configuration
  • Manage technical support
  • Security monitoring
  • Network optimization
  • Insight of the trouble
  • Incident Tapping & Recovery
  • Controlling VPN Traffic
  • Router and Switch Settings

All these services are meant for the workplace and the server network. Our specialists construct a robust framework of network that is invincible for the cyber spies. To keep its agility and robustness intact, we maintain it with perfection. Its constant monitoring helps us in evaluating the friction in time or before. Therefore, we eliminate the infection of any malware, virus attack, spyware, downtime situation, server crashes and maintenance of the hard drives to your network. Also, we rewire the pan system if it’s worn out profusely.


  • Like sitemap, the architecture of your network is blueprinted. Thereby, we can assess your end-to-end networking of computing systems as well as cloud.
  • We scrutinize all security systems including the backup files & its system, firewall installation, VPN solutions, anti-virus, virus defeater, anti-spyware and anti-spam. The update of all these solutions is installed hand to hand when their update launches.
  • We regularly determine the status of operating systems’ functionality. On scanning any patch, we promptly upload it in the operating system to eliminate the possibility of cyber spam or attack before its occurrence.
  • We religiously reduce the burden of obsolete files, functionalities and folder to speed up the network efficiency. This is how we optimize it.
  • For availing a frictionless outstanding workplace, we test and monitor the network software as a routine exercise. We look into the agility of the hardware tools, such as router, cables, wiring, batteries, switches and machines to remove the chance of its malfunctioning.
  • Besides, our technicians install & re-install applications, software and peripherals as per requirement. Subsequently, they train your staff their proper handling and the accurate way of dealing with them. This is a part of your network updates.

Aussie Comm is your esteemed network engineer. We’re at your network maintenance services 24X7. From trivial to larger issues, we have an appropriate solution to get out of the imperfection in the network. If you have further query striking in your brain, do call us. We’re sure that your call will pay off more than 100%