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IT Server & Network Installation


How do you gear up for conquering over challenges in your online business? It’s a Herculean task to do. Without digital transformation, you can’t translate customers’ requirement into a sale. The continuous disruption of technology is changing the conventional working style. The explosive demand of virtualization and shift to the cloud services are on the rise. You need to deploy cutting edge technology to meet the challenges of your back and front office. Otherwise, you’ll be standing in the last queue of the modernity-styled digital scenario.


Transparency, agility and responsiveness in the workplace are a key factor to maximize productivity & satisfaction. Simultaneously, delivering sustainable value to clients can take your organization a step ahead of the curve. For pushing all these traits, you need a connection. Aussie Comm bridges the rift among your clients, employees and production cycle. For making it happen, we’ve come up with the server and network installation services. These services will let you embrace a worldwide distributed workforce and connected mindsets.

Boundary Less Workplace

The present day is of high-tech. So, the users wish accessibility from anywhere. They don’t want to be locked with their desktop in an isolated place to access. The workforce, too, keeps the identical ideology. Their preference begins with the mobile phone. This is why Google’s Mobilegeddon algorithm has emphasized on the transformation of the websites into user-friendly sites.

In the nutshell, the workforce deserves a uniform experience through various mechanisms. We provide best-in-class the future office. Herein, device management, application delivery, user state (devices to experience), and his experience would be based on the third party products and the IP (that we provide).

Limitless Work

The users don’t want to compromise with limited computing. Lack of memory, storage capacity and limited computing resources hamper a great user experience. By the limitless work, we see the whole scenario from the lens of the end-users. To return them a happy experience, we provide resources constraint in the cloud. It will leverage the virtualization technologies that provide a seamless experience. Thereby, the clients would not be constraint to the devices-based computing.

Stateless Computing 

It identifies the transparency of the underlying hardware or server to the application or the OS. We decouple the user profiles and data from the end users. It helps in establishing standardized end user devices. Also, we centralize the users’ data that can be accessed remotely to modify from anywhere. With the cloud & network installation, you would be capable of syncing the profiles seamlessly, if any changes are made.


Mobile-Based Incident Management: It falls under the boundary less workplace solution. Any unplanned interruption, like full disk space and data corruption etc., is known as an incident. We manage such criticalities via incident management. It comprises intuitive logging, recording and resolving the incident to bring the smooth process back on track. Since it is mobile based, we would leverage rich mobile features, real-time tracking and live feeds. It would be workable across the smartphone platform and service management back-ends.

Cloud-based Desktop Solutions: By this solution, we would set up the virtualization in the cloud storage. The configuration of the Microsoft systems within cost-efficiency and elasticity would be our priority.

Syncing Drives: It determines the organization-centric secure file storage, synchronization and sharing landscape. We would transcend the way your document. Thereby, you would be able to stockpile the files across multiple devices, teams, departments and workflows. Also, we would create back up for disaster recovery.

User Profile Virtualization: We would provide the stateless computing through setting virtual user profiles and the enterprise file. It would help you sync, encrypt and share the users’ data constraint to any device anywhere.

End-User Applications: Under this service, we would create an app store in the cloud. Also, the management of the workplace would be our responsibility.

Operating System Ecosystem: 1To build a seamless end-user ecosystem, our experts will come to fore. Subsequently, we render support across virtual desktops as well as physical computers. Its management will be our responsibility. You can tap to all services without any friction via authenticated with one ID.